Dermaplaning is quickly becoming one of the hottest skincare services available. People who have tried this facial in Frisco, TX, are raving about it, and more and more people are looking for “dermaplane treatments near me.”

If you’re considering trying out this skin-smoothing treatment, here’s what you need to know about what to expect from your first appointment.

Pre- Dermaplaning Preparation

Before you go in for your first appointment with any skincare services, doing some prep work is essential. This includes booking an appointment at a reputable salon or spa that offers dermaplaning services as well as stop retinol use for 1 week before treatment. Ensure their professionals are trained and experienced in performing this type of procedure. Researching the process to know what to expect during your session is also advisable.

It’s also important to note that dermaplaning is a relatively safe procedure but only suitable for some. Those with sensitive skin, open wounds, acne breakouts, moles, or warts should avoid this treatment or talk with their esthetician before booking an appointment at a local spa or clinic offering these services.


The Treatment

Before starting with dermaplane, your esthetician will begin to cleanse your skin, and apply oil for slip. Afterward, they will softly glide their instrument over your entire face to remove vellus hairs, dead skin cells, and oil build-up deep within your pores.

Your esthetician may perform this treatment on dry skin or with oil, the treatment can be performed both ways. Esthetician will then use a mask of their choice or whatever treatment your specific booked facial includes. After all these steps have been appropriately taken, it’s time for finishing touches, like any corrective serums specific to your skin needs.


Post Care Instructions

Once you’ve left the salon/spa after getting derma-planed, you must follow all post-care instructions from your esthetician at Skin Escape. Such things include avoiding direct sunlight exposure on treated areas & washing gently twice daily without scrubbing too hard. Especially around delicate areas such as eye sockets & lips, it is important the face stays very hydrated at this time.

Additionally, try using hydrating masks once per week & drinking plenty of water daily. It’s very important to follow all your esthetician’s instructions after  skincare services like dermaplaning to ensure proper results.


Benefits of Dermaplane Near Me Treatments

Regular dermaplane  treatments can result in smoother skin texture due to the removal of dead skin cells. This can reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, providing a more exfoliated complexion. Topical products can penetrate much further into the skin after a dermaplane treatment, making them more effective overall. Other benefits include smoother makeup application.


Looking for Dermaplane Services? Contact Us!

Dermaplane is quickly becoming a popular skincare service, with many praising its effects. If you’re considering this facial treatment, expect smoother skin texture and a more youthful complexion. Other possible benefits include deeper product penetration and smoother makeup application. If you’re looking for a dermaplane near you, contact Skin Escape in Frisco, TX, today!